Top Ten Designer with Yucata Based Free Games

I love playing online games and although the board game ground is finding a lot of love these days, one of the best places on the entire Internet is the game site called Yucata. Yucatan was created by Kay Wilke, also known as Sparhawk, but now he shares the tasks with a group of dedicated volunteers. Yucatan, which has maintained its ethos of not charging anyone for access to a game for over 20 year, has an awesome list of awesome games. It is a German website, but it is available in a full English translation at /.

Top 10 designer on Yucata

Uwe Rosenberg

Uwe Rosenberg is in second place and I will choose Fields of Arle as my favorite of his Yucata games, which is advertised as Uwe’s most autobiographical game because it reduces the concept of job placement that he has perfected with games like Agricola and Cavern to a very close individual game that takes place in the small East Frisian region of Germany where he grew up.

The game is also a fun solo challenge and Yucatan has implemented it for 1 or 2, so you can hone your skills on your own before taking on other. The choice of Arle was a difficult decision, because I also love the other two Rosenberg games on the grounds at the gates of Loyang, which are among the best in Uwe (and are very underrated!) Farm games and also Sagani, which captures Rosenberg’s new twist on the cool tile-laying games, which Yucata also offer as a solo challenge. You can’t go wrong with these fun games.

Karen and Andreas Seyfarth

The first game I really mastered was Karen and Andreas Seyfarth’s homage to the postal system of the Holy Roman Empire called Thurn und Taxis. I’ve played it well over 2,000 times on Yucata, usually in the plain vanilla version, but also several expansion elements are integrated as Yucata options. There are no other Karen Seyfarth games on Yucata, but Andreas is well represented with San Juan. San Juan is sometimes branded as Puerto Rico: The Card Game, but the card version is fortunately free from the explicit use of the little brown slave, errant worker, meeples, which caused such difficulties to the board game version for which Andreas Seyfarth is probably best known. So you can immerse yourself in San Juan without fear of being canceled in the middle of the game.