Top Stacking Board Games

Some time ago, fellow critic Andrew listed his top 10 skill games. Although I still think he’s crazy for removing Rampage (Terror in Meeple City) from the list, the rest of the decisions were solid. Since skill games are one of my favorite board game genres, I thought I’d pick up on the topic from your list and dig a little deeper.

Today we take a look at my top 10 stacking games. To avoid making this top 10 list too broad, we will only focus on skill-based stacking games. So, while games like The Climbers or Santorini may be excellent, they are out of the reach of these top ten.

Top 10 Stacking Board Games

Junk Art

One of the most complete and flexible stacking games on the list, Junk Art not only offer a wide variety of playing methods, but also easily scales up to 6 player. In all the different modes you have to stack pieces, but the gameplay varies from stacking on your own pedestal to using a communal one. The dozen of different game options in Junk Art gives the game a high replay value, and its easy-to-learn rules make it a game that you can play with almost anyone. Just like Rhino Hero, I wish Pretzel Games publishing house would release a version of it!

Meeple Circus

Probably the most complex game on the list, Meeple Circus, only narrowly misses out on 1st place in a tight race. The game has player who design various circus pieces, which most stack in real time. Oh, and I should mention that the timer is an app that turns circus music into a theme. The goal, of course, is to stack your pieces quickly and efficiently to maximize your chances of scoring, since the player with the most points wins in the end. Meeple Circus is a creative game that takes its theme to the extreme and is easily one of my favorite skill games overall.

Riff Raff

The funny riff-raff theme forces player to load cargo on board a rocking ship. The parts can be loaded at the bottom of the boat or even on the precarious yard farms above it. If a part falls off the boat, you need to pick it up in your stock. The goal, of course, is to be the first player to load each of your figures. The variety of weights and shapes of the pieces really makes it a challenge to win them. However, the originality of the components makes this truly unforgettable.