Top Games for Teamwork

Co-op games are one of my favorite board game genres. I am allowed to play a game with my wife and /or children and we compete together against the board instead of against each other. It’s a great way to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills while having fun playing a game together as a family.

Below are my ten best co-op games. This is my personal “top 10 list” and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of all the authors here at Board Game Quest. I made the list based on my experience with a lot of co-op games, because I haven’t played all the co-op games.

Top Ten Cooperative Games

Eldritch Horror:

Eldritch Horror is essentially Arkham Horror 2.0, but instead of focusing on one city (or a few cities if you have the expansions), it shifts the focus to a world-spanning adventure. To be honest, I haven’t played Arkham Horror since I bought this game. Eldritch Horror is slimmer, less complicated (more than most games, but bearable compared to Arkham), plays faster, but still offer a captivating story that keeps me coming back again and again. Two expansions further increase the number of options (and the replay value). I can’t think of a superior game for a themed and cooperative game with a story.

Freedom: Underground Railroad

This is a cooperative game with one to four players who join the abolitionist movement and try to bring slaves from the south to their freedom in Canada. Freedom: Underground Railroad weaves together historical events and people, both good and bad, in a strategic game that involves moving slaves north while trying to avoid slave hunters. The game is VERY exciting and, to be honest, really grabbed me thematically. I felt guilty for sacrificing a STUPID wooden bucket because it meant that I was deliberately sending one person back into slavery, even if it meant paving the way for many others to freedom.

Recent Times:

Although it is not the first cooperative game, in recent times is one of the most famous. It’s one of my oldest games, and even though I suffer from a bad matter of cult of the New, I still play this game regularly with my family. We love recent times. It’s set up and the playing time is fast, and it works well from two to four (but superior with four). After playing many times, you can add expansions to increase the variability (On the edge) or cure diseases (In the lab).