Top Board Games by Andrew Smith

I have done my homework to determine my favorite board games from all over the world of hobby games. It’s a difficult thing, because the game I want to play depends a lot on how I feel that day. On any given day, you could ask me for a top ten and it could be very different. Anyway, these are games that I love and that should give you an idea of the types of games that really appeal to me.

Andrew Smith’s Top 10 Board Games


Much easier than my usual favorites, but Qwinto is a game that I always like to play and a game only lasts about 10 minutes. In such a small package there are many interesting strategic and tactical decisions to be made. Qwinto has a bit of pressure on their luck element without making it too obvious, and it’s absolutely my favorite rolling and typing game.

shima Hex

shima Hex is basically an abstract game with a pasted-on theme of armies actioning in a post-apocalyptic world. The expansions offer a lot of replay value, as each army has its own units and rules. Some of them are quite “normal” with some variations, while other play completely differently. shima Hex is by far the most exciting abstract game I’ve ever played, as an unexpected move can do a lot of damage. But you never feel like you’re so far behind that you can’t get it out.

recent times Legacy: Season 1

Playing through the recent times Legacy campaign is one of my favorite gaming experiences. It’s a little further down the list than it might otherwise be, just because it’s a unique experience. That said, please don’t let this put you off. Playing a game 12 to 24 times is a lot and worth the price of the game. The story in recent times Legacy really works, and you will be attracted not only by the overall theme, but also by the character, the cities, and any sticker that you need to stick on the components. If you somehow did not play this, you should do it.