Tips for Tabletop Day Play

The International Day of the Table is just around the corner. When March 30th comes, thousands of player from all over the world will be sitting at their tables to play a game. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find a useful map on the International Day of the Table website to find events near you. With advertising support from some of the big publisher, there are plenty of incentives to get out and play.

But what do you do when there are no events nearby? Stay at home and watch reruns of Law & Order? Although I love some L&O, that’s not an excuse not to participate and have fun. Why not organize your own private event (you can even register it on the site). This is a great time to invite people and play some games! We have this new holiday, which just wants to be celebrated. It is also a good time to include new recruits in the hobby. It’s time to invite the friends who think playing board games means dusting off that copy of Monopoly. The first step will be to decide what to play. Well, don’t worry, we have put together some useful suggestions for you.

For the SciFi lovers:

If you’re a science fiction fan, you probably enjoyed the hit TV show actionstar Galactica. If you haven’t seen it, then maybe I need to ask you about science fiction. That said, I’ve never played a licensed board game that captures the essence of the source material as awesomely as actionstar Galactica (BSG).

Playing this game will make you feel like you are in the BSG universe. As a person, you feel that you are always on the verge of extinction, and the world is against you. The game puts player in the role of Galactica crew members, trying to make enough jumps to escape the cylons and reach Kobol. While there are many Galactica-specific promotions to bet on, the secret loyalty cards that are dealt at the middle of the game are the best part of the game. One or more player can secretly be Cylon and actively work against the other player. People have the difficult task of deciding whether there is a cylon among them and who it is. The game itself is incredibly simple and full of difficult decisions. There will be a lot of wild accusations when the crew members try to get rid of the “skin work” in between. BSG is an easy option for every science fiction fan. I should also point out that you don’t even have to be a fan of the TV show to enjoy actionstar Galactica. It’s funny enough for everyone to enjoy.