Things Avoid Doing During Kickstarter Campaign

I support A lot of Kickstarter campaigns.Probably too many, to be honest. I mean, my Discord username is “Big Bri the KS Guy” for a reason. I have nothing against Kickstarter and I don’t consider it a sign of the imminent demise of our hobby. My goal for this list is why I support games on Kickstarter, for unique games and GAMEPLAY. That’s the main reason I support a game.

Top 10 Worst Things To Do in a Kickstarter Campaign

1. Early Birds of ANY kind

One of the biggest hits in Kickstarter campaigns is the FOMO that creates it, especially with the “Kickstarter-only Stretch goals”.””To be honest, I understand why they are used and I don’t have a big problem with them. I have a problem with advance offer (within the first 24/48 hour “get X for free” or “0 10 cheaper”). I understand why they are used (increasing the number of sponsors at the middle of a campaign to increase awareness), but I don’t like them. I don’t have time to research the start of each campaign and its start times. There were several campaigns that I was interested in, and I moved on when I realized that I had missed an early riser. It just frustrated me that I have to pay more for the same content because I wasn’t there at the launch. At least you can get exclusive Kickstarter expansion goals at any time through the Pledge Manager!

2. Music as a stretch goal

Stop it. You don’t know my musical taste. I don’t want to listen to the music that your friend/cousin/spouse has created. His expertise lies in designing games, not in providing music to “enhance the atmosphere.”I prefer to receive art prints or the opportunity to purchase an add-on…

3. Blank Card Templates included in the game

I already have a job to earn money to have food, clothes, a house and great board games. I’m not a game designer. I know the game mechanics that I like and that I don’t like. I don’t know how to balance a game, and I don’t want to try. You don’t need to provide me with blank templates so that I can include my kids/dog/car/unused katana in my Mediterranean trading game.