Most Underrated Games on the Quest List

It’s just worth noting that after discussing the games that aren’t getting enough love, we’re focusing on the games that we think are getting too much attention. As I mentioned in the last quest list, the input of the number of board games released per year is infinite compared to 20 year ago. Some games break the wave of releases and stand out with universal praise. But not all of these games deserve the praise they deserve.

There are no guidelines for what we consider overvalued, unlike the provisions we established earlier. We can say that a classic game has changed a lot, or that a new advertised version is “fine”. To be honest, maybe we just think that one game is not as good as everyone else thinks. It should be noted that these are our opinions.

Even if we think a game is overrated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s also a bad game or that we don’t like. Finally, just because we can say that a game is overrated or even bad, does not mean that we think badly of those who enjoy it. Board game gifts are so different that you might not agree with our reviews or games that we mentioned in today’s quest list

Most Overrated Games

Clank! In! Space!

I’m a fan of the original Clank! which was released in 2016. This despite the fact that I am not a big fan of deck builders. But I have it and I love to play. However, I am still confused about the re-implantation of Clank! Get in there! Space! a year after. Aside from the sci-fi theme and changes like modular boards, escape pods, and bounty hunter dice, there’s not much else Clank does! Get in there! Space! stay away from the original. Both versions are very similar and use many of the same mechanics as Clank! Get in there! Space! it seems to be nothing more than a newly dressed robbery of money.

A Feast for Odin

I can’t understand the appeal of this game for my life. You buy things, you follow improvement trees to buy superior things, you cover things. Stop it. Two. Hour. In addition, the box with this set is an size, and since it comes with so much cardboard, the thing could easily fall on someone and injure him. A feast for Odin heralds a magical experience you’ll have as a Viking, but I barely glimpsed life, feeding my people and raising livestock, before I got so bored.

Star Realms

Unlike Brian, I’m a big fan of deck builders. Find all possible ways to optimize the construction of my deck as it evolves over the course of the game. Try to figure out the best combinations and permutations based on the available cards.

However, I don’t think that when you see the whole picture, Star Realms will get the hype based on it. Yes, it has a quick game and simple rules, but that’s it. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where one side didn’t run away with the game completely (No recovery mechanics, tas!), I also don’t find any of the strategies or combinations particularly interesting or innovative, they just hope that the cards for which they are building their deck will be available. Is it a good game? Sure, but not worthy of the glory that will be bestowed on him.