Age of Sigmar Warhammer Heroes

With a setting where physical incarnations of magic and literal gods roam, Warhammer Age of Sigmar is known for having over-the-top heroes with crazy backstories. Some go back to the world that was (Warhammer Fantasy). I thought I’d take some of my favorite heroes warm. This is a super subjective list and I look at sculpting, the story and the rules when creating my top ten.

Top 10 Warhammer Age of Sigmar Heroes

1. Doralia and Galen Ven Denst

That’s fair enough. Technically, these are two heroes, but they come in the same kit! When I first saw them, I loved how they brought back the dark Gothic witch hunter aesthetic that we used to see in Warhammer Fantasy and popular games like Vermintide 2. Both their stories and their rules complement these awesome models. The character act as agents of the Order of Azyr and basically travel around killing undead and demons, as well as anything else that could threaten the cities of mankind. On the table, they are quite deadly with a combination of ranged and melee strikes, as well as additional damage against wizards and demons. Overall, a good couple who played some interesting roles in the Broken Realms story arc as well as in their own book Sanctified Black Library at the end of Age of Sigmar 2.0

2. Kragnos, The End of Empires

Although Kronos is not a new character, he was included as a role model in the Age of Sigmar series during the Broken Realms storylines. He is, by himself, the reason why so many dragon realms no longer exist in the mortal realms. Kronos, in addition to its 15 massive strikes, has some rules for changing tables. It allows the friendly units to charge up to 18 inches instead of the standard 12 inches. He can also inflict up to 36 fatal wounds to other monsters when strikeing! Mix that he can shake most spells and that he usually counts as 30 models for one target, he is a formidable force to be reckoned with at the table

3. Lord Kroak

The Lord of Space lizards, Lord Kroak, is among the top 5 magical users in the game. Lord Kroak leads the legions of Seraphon and is the greatest of the prophets who can take on Tzeentch. It has also received a great shine with the new model. He can channel his magic through other lizard wizards on the field to gain additional range, which allows him to easily hit the baseline. Lord Kroak also generates additional command points and heals all damage from himself most of the time. Add his deadly Heavenly Liberation debate scroll and comet call spell and he will cause damage in every hero phase.